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Re: First time going sly, opinions welcomed

It looks a lot better than the hair did!

Re: How often do you guys shave your head? Razor burn? Irritation? Shine?

I often get acne or spots on my head. Frustrating. Been shaving the dome for several years now. I use clear head.

It can be very annoying. Cant shav...

Re: Skydiving!

i have never jumped out of a plane,but i do want to give you credit for jumping out of a plane and credit for going on to college,some day you coul...

Re: How educated are you?

congrats on your b big ken,not only do you sound like a smart guy you also look like one.i only have a high scool education,i have been working sin...

Re: How educated are you?

I got a B for my 1st semester of Grad. school! I wanted to give you all an update of my progress. I'm looking forward to the upcoming semesters of ...


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