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Re: 18, full head of thick hair but hate it, social anxiety of shaving it

Talk with your barber about cuts that would be easy to care for and look good/trendy.  Semi-Sly gave you some good advice, but there may be other o...

Re: 23 with a receded hair line and thinning hair. Asking for help

Looks like you have enough hair for now.  You probably notice the thinning much more than others.  But I shaved at the first sign of thinning as we...

Re: Facebook messenger group?

I'm down! There's a do not disturb function in Messenger if it gets too annoying for anyone. :-)

Re: Facebook messenger group?

Sounds good

Genting club

Re: Very weird head shape should I go bald?

If it makes you feel any better, I'm 23 and balding, I have almost the same exact head shape as you, only I have an offset knot on my head and I ha...


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