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Re: If you could go to live in another country....

Years ago I lived in two European countries as part of my job. Living abroad gave me a different perspective on the US. People in both of these cou...

Re: Laser hair removal on your scalp

Depending on how think your hair is, it can take a while.  I had 12 sessions and then 2 more about a year later.  I have no shadow or dark spots. O...

Re: Not first headshave but first 30 days

Shaved bald and shiny is definitely an awesome look on you! I agree, bald by choice is great.

Re: Not first headshave but first 30 days

Thx for your comments.

Nuts, I haven't shaved my head in 2016's summer, and I keep long hair than usual during almost 2 years ... that it wasn't for...

Re: online games

My wife doesn't like when I play slots so I have to do this seldomly and choose wisely for I need the slots that are reliable enough and have good ...


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