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Re: New Sly

Welcome! Iíve been sly since April and loving it!

wahl #0 vs precission 0.5mm

Hello, I was wondering the difference between a 0.5mm cut from a precision beard trimmer to a #0 from a hair clipper? I am looking to replace an ol...

Re: New Sly

Welcome , join in on any topic. 

Re: Do you keep track of how many times you use each edge?

Online you can order , sample packs of DE blades . Check it out , and you canít beat the price. 

Re: Some recent pics of myself

Quote from: Runningman586 on July 09, 2020, 02:42:41 AMYou look really good sly. Now are you bbc or bbn? The look fits you well.

A little bit of bot...


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